Relationships in Autism

This video features a couple on the autism spectrum. They both have Asperger’s Syndrome and are living together in a serious relationship. Although this isn’t a Neurotypical-Autistic relationship like we  discussed in class, I had never really thought about autistic people being in romantic relationships at all before taking English 416. One thing that really struck me from this video is when the girl in the relationship said how she likes feeling “safe with a partner who is not going to judge [her]”. I wouldn’t have understood that statement before taking this class, and now I realize exactly what she means.  I also love how each of them have their own quirks, challenges, and needs, yet are willing to sacrifice things and make compromises in order to make the relationship work. To the outside world, things like having separate bedrooms with one’s significant other might seem odd, but for them, it works perfectly. Another thought from the video that I thought was interesting was that HFA can be more difficult than LFA, as a person with High-Fuctioning autism is “so close to there and not yet quite.” Throughout our discussions and conversations with Bard, we always seemed to view HFA as “better,” but I can see how this different type of frustration could make things harder for the individual. Overall, this video reveals to viewers that having autism does NOT mean that one is incapable of social interaction, especially in terms of having “normal” romantic relationships.


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